Laboratory of Neuroscience

The Laboratory Neuroscience is located at the Research and Biomedical Technology Center of Cusano Milanino (Mi), which is a detached branch of the IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano with 4000 m² of Laboratories and 2000 m² of support services for molecular diagnostic and research. The Neuroscience Laboratory is outfitted with extremely modern scientific equipment for basic research and genetic diagnosis It avails itself of a lot of facilities and well-advanced instruments, as the Illumina platforms of Next Generation Sequencing, SNP genotyping, and gene expression as well as devices for the traditional nucleic acids sequencing. The Laboratory of Neuroscience is also furnished with a sterilized room for the preparation of primary cultures of myoblasts and fibroblasts and for the growth of cellular lines, a room for bacteria manipulation and a setting dedicated for the use of radioactive material, in addition to a microscopy room (confocal and fluorescence microscopy). Increasingly outfitted with modern devices, the Laboratory avails itself also of the collaboration with other Laboratories in the same structure and several collaborative projects have been started.

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