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Project Management

The overall coordinator and manager of the proposed network is undertaken by Dr. Stefania Corti at UNIMI, who is assisted by the PI assistant coordinators, based at MNC and BRFAA. The coordinator will take responsibility for directing the flow of work and ensuring that all milestones and obligations to the Commission are met. The coordinator will be supported by the UNIMI International Relations Office (IRO), a unit dedicated to the management and administration of EU-funded projects. Its experienced staff has an excellent track record in supporting the University’s scientists in proposal submission. In this proposal, IRO will support the NO-MND consortium in the management of the project (administrative, financial and organizational aspects for the detached and incoming personnel) in close cooperation with the project coordinator. The assistant coordinators will help the coordinator by arranging meetings, monitoring the workflow and ensuring exchange of information between the members of the network. Both the overall coordinator and assistant coordinators will coordinate with a network supervisory board that will assess the progress of the project. The management board will consist of one senior representative of each organization in the network, and they will meet via electronic or actual meetings every 6 months. Besides taking strategic decisions such as those addressed above, the management board will appoint a training program manager and an IPR manager.

•  The training program manager will be in charge of coordinating (in close cooperation with the network coordinator and quality manager) the organizational aspects of training activities.

•  Finally, the IPR manager will be responsible for making IPR-related provisions applicable to both contractors and researchers. On the contractors’ side, the IPR manager will promote agreements to regulate the terms of exercising joint ownership of the work leading to the knowledge, and will ensure that contractors consider the rights of their staff, which will be exercised in a manner compatible with their contractual obligations.

Ex-changed people

Exchange from Neural Stem Cell Lab, Milan University (Corti’s Lab) to Motor Neuron Center for Neurobiology and Disease, Columbia University (Przedborski’s laboratory)

  • Monica Bucchia from 24/05/2014 to 25/10/2014

Monica Bucchia

  • Chiara Simone from 28/06/2014 to 25/10/2014

Chiara Simone

  • Monica Nizzardo from 1/12/2014 to 28/02/2015

Monica Nizzardo

Exchange from Motor Neuron Center for Neurobiology and Disease, Columbia University (Przedborski’s laboratory) to Neural Stem Cell Lab, Milan University (Corti’s Lab)

  • Radhika Pradhan from 15/09/2014 to 15/10/2014


  • James Caicedo from 25/10/2014 to 25/11/2014


Exchange from Biomedical research foundation, Academy of Athens to Motor Neuron Center for Neurobiology and Disease, Columbia University (Przedborski’s laboratory)

  • Dimitra Papadimitriou from 1/10/2014 to 2/01/2015


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Meeting and Report

meeting and first preliminary report (2014)

NO MND meeting 2014


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