Barbara Poletti

Dr. Barbara Poletti is the Supervisor of the Neuropsychology and the Clinical Psychology Service of the San Luca Hostpital in Milan, at which she practices clinical activity and collaborates to national and international research projects. She graduated in 2009 cum laude in Psychology at the University of Padova. In 2007 she majored in Cognitive Psychotherapy cum laude. Since 2007 she has been Teaching Professor at the Medicine Department of the University of Milan Medical School for General Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychology of Disability. In 2009 she concluded the Ph.D. in Aging Physiopathology at the University of Milan Medical School. Dr. Poletti’s experience in the neurodegenerative disorders and in the development of cognitive assessment instruments for patients with verbal-motor disabilities is sustained by numerous publications, in both national and international jounals.